DM-UY 1143 Ideation and Prototyping

Spring 2018 • Arlene Ducao • Fridays • 11:00AM-2:40PM • 2MTC MAGNET 811

Constant Input or Output. Choose!

Choose either for the entire semester. Do not do both:

  • Discovery Log or
  • Passion Project: Individual (or Collaborative) Daily, Weekly, or Monthly

An important part of this course is a semester-long project that will challenge you to improve your creative process. There are two options for this project: constant input or constant output. Take a moment to read about these two options, and think about which one might be best for you. Keep in mind, you can only choose one.

Discovery Log

If you have a hard time coming up with new ideas, or want to focus on improving your observation and reflection skills, this is the option for you.

If you choose this option, your task will be to keep a Discovery Log on your process website on a daily or weekly basis. This log should describe what's new and different in your life, and reflect on why it does or doesn't appeal to you.

  • You must post at least one update per week, though you might find it easier to post several smaller updates throughout the week. Updates must be posted at least one hour before class.
  • I strongly suggest you do not wait until the last minute to post your update, as anything submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Therefore, I think the best way to tackle this project is to update your Discovery Log whenever you encounter something new.
  • Discovery logs can NOT be submitted after each due date.
  • If you didn’t discover anything new, post literally that you did not discover anything new this week and you will get credit for it versus posting nothing.

What’s new and different in your life in the following categories? Why does it appeal to you or not? Be sure to document inputs from many categories, including (but not limited to):

  • Entertainment (Movies, Sports, Theater, Music, Museums, Zoos, Theme Parks, etc.)
  • Media (Newspapers, Magazines, Books, TV, Radio, Internet, etc.)
  • Food (Restaurants, Snacks, Home-Cooked Meals, Etc.)
  • Hobbies (Skateboarding, Knitting, etc.)
  • People (Friends, Strangers, Customers, Coworkers, etc.)
  • Non-school Lectures, workshops, and documentaries.

Personal Passion Project: Individual (or Collaborative), Daily, Weekly or Monthly

If you have a hard time finishing projects, or generally want to focus on how you execute new ideas (rather than focusing on how you generate new ideas), the constant output option is the one for you. This option could also be referred to as a "passion project."

If you choose this option, your task will be to create and promote a self-directed creative project using social media and/or analog promotional materials. Again, you must post regular updates to your process website. But instead of posting about what you've observed (as in the constant input option), you will post about something you've made or are making.

Remember, your project does not need to be digital or visual. It could be aural (including music or soundscapes), culinary, sculptural—there are a gazillion possibilities. The main requirement is that it is a creative project.

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