DM-UY 1143 Ideation and Prototyping

Spring 2018 • Arlene Ducao • Fridays • 11:00AM-2:40PM • 2MTC MAGNET 811

Analog or Digital Notebook or Sketchbook

Analog or Digital

Acquire some kind of bound notebook or sketchbook to collect ideas, questions, loves, hates, inspiration, drawings, photos, visual and textual scraps, ephemera, fragments, imprints, rubbings, stains, odds and ends… Choose a notebook that is small enough that you will most likely keep with you (eg. pocket-sized or slightly larger) and use. Make it your own with stickers, markers, paint, collage, whatever. Carry this notebook with you at all times (as well as something to write with and a gluestick or tape) and use it often.

If you choose to do this digitally, I recommend Evernote or Paper by FiftyThree, but you can choose another application.

You will document your analog notebook on a weekly basis through photos or videos. If you choose to do this digitally, you can share evernote or paper entries on your process website. You don't have to document every page, only key pages.

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