DM-UY 1143 Ideation and Prototyping

Spring 2018 • Arlene Ducao • Fridays • 11:00AM-2:50PM • 2MTC MAGNET 820

Schedule: Week 3

3 Sep 19 Sep 21
  • Group Review: Frogs, Time Mgt -> GTD
  • Group Review: Discovery Log (Input) / Passion Project (Output)
  • Group Review: Classmate Discoveries
  • Discuss Classmate Discoveries
  • Discovery Log: Maya (Walking)
  • Discuss Everything is a Remix
write (on your process website) Write your response: Do not write summaries. In other words, do not regurgitate. Discuss any epiphanies or insights that occurred while watching, how it reflects your own process (or does not and why) or how it willinform or change your own process (or will not and why) Research one or more of the following artists for inspiration and post your findings and response on your process website:
  1. Sherrie Levine
  2. Marcel Duchamp
  3. Joseph Cornell
  4. Felix Gonzalez-Torrez
  5. Tectonic Industries
  6. Douglas Gordon
  7. Christian Marclay
  8. DJ Spooky
  9. The Bomb Squad

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