DM-UY 1143 Ideation and Prototyping

Spring 2018 • Arlene Ducao • Fridays • 11:00AM-2:40PM • 2MTC MAGNET 820

Schedule: Week 5

5 1st Half 2nd Half
class Discuss
  • Module 5: Animatic
  • Team Annotated Bibliography Draft
  • Team Mood Board Draft
  • Team Image or Text Storyboard Draft
  • IDM / Clive Davis Student Mixer on Friday Oct. 6 from 6-8pm in MAGNET Lecture Hall. RSVP here.
  • Team Annotated Bibliography Drafts
  • Team Mood Board Drafts
  • Team Image or Text Storyboard Drafts
  • Team Animatic Drafts
create (post on your process website) (if applicable this week), your constant input assignment

Creative Process Annotated Bibliography and Video Documentary
  • Create Team Annotated Bibliography Draft
  • Create Team Mood Board Draft(s)
  • Create Team Image or Text Storyboard Draft(s)

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