DM-UY 1143 Ideation and Prototyping

Spring 2018 • Arlene Ducao • Fridays • 11:00AM-2:40PM • 2MTC MAGNET 820


Presentation on May 4. Google Drive materials due Sunday May 6 @ 10AM

  1. Long-Term Prototyping Project Documentation
  2. Creative Process Annotated Bibliography & Video Documentary
  3. Final Self Assessment

Create a google drive folder, I&P Spring 2018 and share with [email protected]

with the following files and

  • Long-Term Prototyping Project Documentation (which is different for every student). See Below
  • Creative Process Annotated Bibliography & Video Documentary (.mov, .mp4, etc)
  • (if applicable) with constant input folder with native files
  • Final Self Assessment as pdf

Long-Term Prototyping Project Documentation

All students must include:

  • Framing Story as pdf or google doc
  • Message as pdf or word doc (can be combined in the same document as the framing story or submitted as two separate documents)
  • Bibliography of resources you used
  • Photo Documentation of Object(s) Prototypes
    • at least* 3 images of your object(s), showcasing overview(s) and detail(s)
  • Photo, Video and/or Audio Documentation of Final Medium(s) and Prototypes of Mediums (varies by project)
    • If creating a screen-based, digital application (website, mobile app, game, etc.), create video documentation by screen capturing a user interacting with your digital project.
    • If creating a physical object(s), musical instrument, physical game, or interactive installation, create video documentation of a user interacting with your physical project.
    • If creating a performance or event, please provide video documentation of the performance or event.
    • If creating any sort of moving image (animation, film, motion graphics, video web series, etc.), please provide compressed video files of your moving image.
    • If creating audio, provide mp3s of all audio.
    • If creating any print medium, provide an original copy of it or provide a digital copy of it (preferably pdf).

Final Self Assessment

Include in google drive folder, I&P Spring 2018

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